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The German bunkers at La Línea de la Concepción

Model of bunker 163, Isthmus Museum, La Línea (1940)
Model of German bunker 163 (detail)
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Additional information

On the Spanish side of the border with Gibraltar are a line of seemingly-impregnable bunkers built by German engineers early in WW2. Although the bunkers are no longer used for any military purpose they still stand next to the Princess Sofia Municipal Park of the La Línea de la Concepción. After they had been built the Germans - and sometimes the Spanish - could observe what was happening on the the British fortress of Gibraltar.

A model of these bunkers can also be found at La Línea's Isthmus Museum in the town centre (Plaza de la Constitucion). It is housed in the former military headquarters of the district. The model shows German military engineers building the bunker with the assistance of Spanish civilians.

Although the Germans drew up plans for a possible invasion of Gibraltar - 'Operation Felix' for a number of reasons it was never put into effect. Therefore, for about 5 years the Germans inside the bunkers at La Línea looked out on British-held territory. In their turn, the British looked out from Gibraltar towards the bunkers of La Línea.

In the end, events moved on here and elsewhere. The Germans - nor the Spanish - eever attempted an assault on the Rock during WW2.

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