Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

1. The Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich (O.R.N.C.)
[Now home to the Discover Greenwich Visitor Centre] 
2. The story of the Old Royal Navy College, Greenwich
Its motto: "By wisdom as much as war"
(Displayed at the Discover Greenwich Visitor Centre)
3. Part of the Oral History collection of the O.R.N.C.:
Naval Officer Derek Gaulter speaks about D-Day
4. Another part of the Oral History collection:
The story of the WRNS training courses after 1939 
5. WW2 Cipher Officer Jane Eldridge tells her story.
(As a wartime WRN, she trained at Greenwich 1942/1943)
6. WW2 Officer Susan Martin (nee Byron) tells her story.
(As a wartime WRN, she also trained at Greenwich)
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Monday, November 23, 2015

A 1939 Electric Delivery Vehicle

1. Harrod’s Electric Vehicle No. 952 (side view)
This is a local 'carrying and delivering’ vehicle
Built in 1939 it was one of a fleet of 60 electric vehicles 

2. Harrod’s Electric Vehicle No. 952 (EYT 382)  
The restored vehicle is still being used: 
Covent Garden, London (November 2015) 
3. The story of Harrod’s inter-war electric vehicles
Display at Covent Garden, London (November 2015) 
4. Jonathan, a modern day chauffeur of E.V. 952
(Many original drivers were disabled ex-servicemen)
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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Poppies at Remembrance time

1. The Cenotaph, Whitehall, London (November 2015)
With poppy wreaths remembering the 'Fallen'
2. Close up of the poppy wreaths left at the Cenotaph
3. Poppy wreath left by London Transport (November 2015)
(Remembering comrades who fell in the World Wars)
4. Monument to the Women of WW2 
A garland of poppies encircles the monument
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

The British Museum remembers

1. Main entrance of the British Museum, London
2. War Memorial of the British Museum
(Adjacent to the main entrance of the museum)
It remembers staff who died in the two World Wars 
3. Commemorating the staff who died in the 1914 - 1918 war
4. Commemorating the staff who died in the 1939 - 1945 war
5. Tributes placed at the British Museum War Memorial
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Brussels Liberated (September 1944)

1. Museum of the City of Brussels (La Maison du Roi)
Grand’ Place, Brussels, Belgium
The city’s principal museum in the heart of the city
2. Memorials to the Belgian resistants of September 1944
[Gifts of the 4th Battalion of Fusiliers in September 1969]
3. Model of the ‘Mannequin Pis’ / ‘Manneken Pis’
[Dressed in the uniform of the Welsh Guards]
It is found in the Museum of the City of Brussels 
4. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Brussels
[Situated at the base of the Congress Column]
This is Belgium’s national monument
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Sunday, October 18, 2015

A ‘Thankful Village’ of the Second World War

1. The village of Morland in Cumbria’s Eden valley:
A ‘Thankful Village’ of the Second World War
During WW2 Morland Hall was a Red Cross hospital  
2. St Lawrence’s Church and churchyard, Morland
The fortified church tower dates back to Saxon times
3. Two outstanding features of St Lawrence’s, Morland:
A topiary squirrel and the Saxon church tower behind 
4. The War Memorial in St Lawrence’s churchyard.
Commemorating those killed in the Boer War and WW1:
There are no WW2 casualties listed on the memorial
5. The War Memorials inside Morland Parish Church:
(Top): The WW1 memorial for Morland and district
(Bottom): The ‘Thankful Memorial’ of WW2
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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The War Memorials of Abbeytown, Cumbria

1. Holme Cultram Abbey, Abbeytown, Cumbria
The headstone in the foreground is that of:
Flight Lieutenant I.J. Muirhead, D.F.C.
2. WW1 memorials inside Holme Cultram Abbey.
(Left): The parish memorial for the ‘Fallen’
(Right): Stained glass window, Sister Martha Mark, QA.I.N.S. 
3. Headstone of F/Lt. I.J. Muirhead, D.F.C.
Died in the Battle of Britain, 15 October 1940
[A WW1 casualty also buried in the churchyard]
4. Abbeytown village memorial
[In the corner of the Methodist Church grounds
5. The inscribed panels on the village memorial
[Remembering both WW1 and WW2 casualties]
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Sunday, October 04, 2015

The War Memorials of Alston, Cumbria

1. The Market Cross and town centre of Alston, Cumbria
The spire is part of St Augustine’s Parish Church 
2. The WW1 memorials inside St Augustine’s Church
The two WW1 memorials found inside the church are:
(a) The chancel screen (on the left);
(b) The WW1 parish war memorial (on the right). 
3. Alston’s civic war memorial located on the edge of town
This memorial remembers those lost in both World Wars
4. The names listed on Alston’s civil war memorial
It commemorates the ‘Fallen’ of both World Wars
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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Garrigill remembers those who went to war

1. Garrigill, Cumbria (previously Cumberland)
It is on the western edge of the North Pennines
The village is centred round a village green  
2. St John’s Church, Garrigill (Church of England)
The WW1 and WW2 ‘Roll of Honour’ is found here
There are also memorials for those killed in the wars 
3. Garrgill’s ‘Roll of Honour’ inside the church
It covers both World Wars: 
Listing parishioners who served King and Country

4. The Altar Reredos of Garrigill church
It remembers those who died in WW1 
5. The WW2 Memorial plaque for Garrigill
It is found on an inside wall of the church
Listing the names of four casualties of WW2
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Sunday, September 20, 2015

The 'Peace Memorials' of Tavistock Square

1. The 'Hiroshima Tree' and memorial plaque. 
Planted by the Mayor of Camden on 6th August 1967 
2. The 'International Peace Tree' and memorial plaque.
Planted by the League of Jewish Women on 2nd July 1986
3. "Gandhi's Beech Tree" and memorial plaque.
This tree was planted in 1997, replacing  one planted in 1953
The original tree was presented by Indian P.M. Pandit Nerhu
4. The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial 
Unveiled by British P.M. Harold Wilson on 17th May 1968
5. The International Conscientious Objectors memorial stone
Dedicated on 15th May 1994
(International Conscientious Objectors Day)
All the memorials seen in these photographs are found in Tavistock Square Gardens, Bloomsbury, London. The photographs were taken in September 2015.
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Friday, September 18, 2015

S.O.E. agent Noor Inayat Khan (1914 – 1944)

1. Noorinissa Inayat Khan (1914 – 1944)
[British Royal Mail special stamp (March 2014)]
2. Part of S.O.E. display, I.W.M., London
[Photograph and WW2 letter of Noor Inayat Khan]
Her S.O.E. code name was 'Madeleine'  
3. Paris and the Eiffel Tower from Paris Trocadero
'Madeleine' was sent to Paris by the S.O.E. in 1943
where she was a key wireless operator.  
4. Gordon Square, Bloomsbury, London
[Noor Inayat Khan lived near here for a time]
5. Bust of Noor Inayat Khan, Gordon Square
Unveiled by H.R.H. the Princess Royal (Princess Anne)
on Thursday 8 November 2012.
6. Close-up of Noor Inayat Khan Memorial
[Gordon Square, Bloomsbury, London

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