Sunday, March 29, 2015

The defences around Rosia Bay, Gibraltar

1. Nelson's Anchorage, Rosia Road, Gibraltar
[Inaugurated above Rosia Bay, 21 October 1994]
2. Parson's Lodge Battery on the headland above the bay
[Defending Rosia Bay, the nearby beach and the Rock]
3. A WW2 Anti-Aircraft gun, Napier of Magdala Battery
[Seen behind is the 100-Ton "Rock Buster" Super Gun]
4. A 1942 Mk 1 m Bren Gun and ammunition case
(Restored by Cpl. Bellfield, REME and Cpl. Heard, R.G)
[Part of the 100-Ton Super Gun Museum display, Gibraltar]
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Sunday, March 15, 2015

'Monty' in Paris, May 1945

1. 'Monty' is awarded the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour
Charles de Gaulle makes the award to the Field Marshal
'Monty' was the familiar name of Field Marshal Montgomery
[Les Invalides, Paris, Saturday 26 May 1945]
2. A wider view of the ceremony at Les Invalides, Paris
[Saturday 26 May 1945
3. The Republican Guard  fanfare during the ceremony
[Saturday 26 May 1945]
From the 1945 supplement of:       
"L'Armée Française au Combat"
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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Poupette's collection of French Regional costumes

1. Front cover of a WW2 French children's game:
"Poupette" ("Dolly") presents her new collection

[French regional costumes
2. Examples of Poupette's French Regional costumes
[Images used to demonstrate some regional costumes]
3. Poupette in a regional costume from Alsace
4. Poupette in a regional costume from Nice
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Sunday, February 22, 2015

War Graves at Whicham Churchyard, Cumbria

1. Whicham (St Mary) Parish Church, Cumbria
In the churchyard there are eight C.W.G.C. burials:
Two from the 1914 - 1918 war (both identified)
Six from the 1939 - 1945 war (three identified)
2. Headstone of WW1 casualty Pte. H.W. Jackson
[Pte. H.W. Jackson, Scots Guards died 17 January 1918
3. Headstones of Sgt. T. Huddleston and Pte. T. Caddy
Sgt. Tom Huddleston (left) died on 2 October 1944
Pte. Tom Caddy (right) died on 11 March 1920
[Sgt. Tom Huddleston was the nephew of Pte. Tom Caddy]
4. Headstones of two Australian airmen (died 29 April 1941)
L.A.C. J.C. Francis (left) and Cpl. C.O.W. Amos (right)
(Their bodies were washed ashore on a beach nearby)
[The headstone behind is for 2 unidentified M.N. seamen]  
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Whicham and Silecroft War Memorials, Cumbria

1. St Mary's Parish Church, Whicham, Cumbria
Located on the southern flank of the Black Combe massif
[There are WW1 and WW2 memorials inside the church]
2. Headstone in the churchyard for two unknown seamen
"Known unto God"
[Buried in Whicham churchyard on 17 April 1941]
3. Headstone in the churchyard for an unknown seaman
"Known unto God"

[Buried in Whicham churchyard on 10 July 1941]
4. Whicham civil parish war memorial at Silecroft
This obelisk remembers all who served in WW1

[It also remembers the 'Fallen' of WW1 and WW2]
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bassenthwaite Village War Memorial, Cumbria

1. St John's Church, Bassenthwaite
(Built in 1878 to replace a Chapel-of-Ease)
[The village war memorial is in the churchyard]
2. Bassenthwaite Village War Memorial
[Situated in St John's Churchyard]
3. Headstone of F/Sgt. (Pilot) John M. Moore, R.A.F.
[Accidentally killed in a plane crash, 12 April 1945]
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Thursday, February 05, 2015

St Clement Danes, London: the R.A.F. church

1. St Clement Danes Church, The Strand, London
[Central church of the Royal Air Force]
2. Entrance marker at the front of St Clement Danes 
[Proclaiming its link to the Royal Air Force]
3. Statue of Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding
Unveiled by H.M. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
(Unveiled 30 October 1988)
4. Statue of Sir Arthur Harris, Marshal of the RA.F.
Unveiled by H.M. Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother
(Unveiled 31 May 1992)  
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Sunday, February 01, 2015

"Tamzine": a survivor of the 'Little Ships'

The civilian fishing boat "Tamzine" 
A survivor of the 'Little Ships' of 1940
She is now on display at the Imperial War Museum, London
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Saturday, January 31, 2015

"Food from the trenches"

1. "Food from the trenches" (Saturday 31 January 2015):
A demonstration by Cumbrian based chef John Crouch
2. "Food from the trenches":
[Ingredients, recipes and utensils used in the demonstration]

3. The Beacon Museum, Whitehaven
(Which held the "Food from the trenches" exhibition)
Permanent exhibits include local WW1 and WW2 stories
4. A story about the WW2 Prime Minister Winston Churchill:
The saving of 'Young Winston' during the Boer War
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The French wartime magazine 'Marie Claire'

1. A wartime front cover of the French magazine 'Marie Claire'
[Edition No. 156 dated 23 February 1940]
2. One of Marie Claire's thrifty wartime fashion tips:
Transforming a winter hat into the latest 'chic' fashion 
3. Marie Claire's latest story of the Hollywood stars of 1940:
The selection of Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara
in David O. Selznick's 'Gone with the Wind'.
4. Marie Claire's review of the latest film releases of 1940:
A mixture of Hollywood and French films
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Sunday, December 14, 2014

HMS Belfast: a survivor of Operation Neptune

1. HMS Belfast (C35) moored on the River Thames, London
(with Tower Bridge in the distance)
2. HMS Belfast (C35) from Tower Pier, River Thames, London
(with the lower part of the'Shard' behind)

During WW2 HMS Belfast (C35) was a Royal Navy cruiser, saw action on the Arctic convoys, took part in Operation Neptune (the seaborne element of Operation Overlord) and toward the end of the war was sent to the Far East shortly before the Japanese surrender. After decommissioning in 1963 HMS Belfast became a museum ship in 1971 since when she has been moored at London on the river Thames near Tower Bridge [Photographs No. 1 and 2]. Since 1978 she has been part of the 'museum family' of the Imperial War Museum.

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Monday, December 08, 2014

Oslo's annual Christmas gift to London

1. The 2014 Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree, London
[View from the National Gallery towards Whitehall
2. The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree, London
[View looking towards the National Gallery
3. An annual gift from the city of Oslo since 1947
[Sign at the base of the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree]

4. St Martin's in the Fields 'Christmas Crib'
[Trafalgar Square, London (December 2014)]
 Season's Greetings for 2014
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Sunday, November 30, 2014

The passage to Perpignan and beyond

1. Postcard from Perpignan (showing Le Castillet)
2. Perpignan: 'Le Patio' in the Hôtel de Ville (Town Hall)
3. Perpignan: the Place St Jean
4. 1945 newspaper cutting of Lt.-Cmndr. 'Pat O'Leary' 
(Speaking in front of the Porte de Paris, Lille, France)

[Perpignan was a key town for his WW2 escape line]
During the Second World War, for many escapees and evaders a passage to Perpignan was the last stepping stone to escape to freedom where they could join or rejoin the struggle against the Nazi Occupiers of N.W. Europe. It was not by any means an easy matter getting to Perpignan and beyond and most of the escapees and evaders needed the assistance of the Resistance networks to do so. Nor was it always a clear run for home if they were guided over the Pyrenees into Spain, where the Spanish authorities would often arrest them. 

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Where have all the flowers gone?"

Floral tributes at the grave of L.A.C.W. Elizabeth Cowan
[Whitehaven Cemetery, Cumbria (November 2014)]
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A service of re-dedication and remembrance

1. The re-dedicated Normandy Veterans seat
St Nicholas' Church Gardens, Whitehaven, Cumbria

[Armistice Day anniversary, Tuesday 11 November 2014
2. "In memory of all who died in the Battle of Normandy 1944"
[The dedication of the N.V.A. West Cumbria Branch (No. 51)]
3. The N.V.A. plaque and tributes of remembrance
[Armistice Day anniversary, Tuesday 11 November 2014]
4. Poppy crosses placed in remembrance of loved ones
[The box contains sand from one of the Normandy beaches]
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