Saturday, July 25, 2015

Corporal Frank Mallinson, D.L.I. (1904 - 1945)

1. Arthuret Parish Church (St Michael and All Angels)
[Corporal Frank Mallinson is buried in the churchyard]
2. CWGC headstone of Cpl. Frank Mallinson (left)
[The headstone on the right is that of his widow, Edie]
Arthuret (St Michael) Churchyard, Longtown, Cumberland
3. CWGC headstone of Corporal Frank Mallinson
The following epitaph is written on the headstone:
"Sacred to the memory of Frank
The dear husband of Edie
And father of Joe and Tom"
4. Glenridding House on the shore of Ullswater
[Where Frank Mallinson worked as a waiter in the 1930s]
5. Patterdale and Glenridding War Memorial
[Located only a short distance from the Ullswater shore]
(Frank Mallinson is commemorated on this memorial)
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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Kirkbride War Memorial, Cumbria

1. Kirkbride village information board
[Outlining its history, flora, fauna and leisure walks]
2. Kirkbride Parish Church (St Bridget’s)
[The war memorial is on the right behind the gate]
3. Kirkbride Parish War Memorial
[Commemorating the war dead of WW1 and WW2
4. The inscriptions on the war memorial
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Sunday, July 12, 2015

A 21st Century Remembrance for Wigton, Cumbria

1. High Street, Wigton, Cumberland (now Cumbria)
Part of a town centre area with few green spaces
(The Methodist Church is on the left hand side)
2. Wigton Memorial Playing Fields and Memorial Cairn
(Purchased in 1920 and re-dedicated in 1993)
Remembering the townsfolk hose who served in WW1
3. Wigton Memorial Garden at the corner of High Street
A 21st Century Remembrance wall for the town
(The project was developed between 2006 and 2014)
4. Remembrance panels on the wall of the Memorial Garden
(Remembering Wigton's war dead of the two World Wars)
5. Panel telling the story of Wigton's losses during WW1
(There is no equivalent panel for WW2)
6. Wigton's 'Roll of Honour' of the two World Wars
(It lists the names of townsfolk who died in WW1 and WW2)
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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Captain Douglas F. Ridley, M.C. (1893 – 1940)

1. Martindale and Ullswater in the English Lake District
[Birthplace of Douglas Farish Ridley, M.C. (1893-1940)]
(Located in the former West Riding of Westmorland)
2. Wigton Memorial Garden, Cumberland (now Cumbria)
Douglas Ridley was a boarder at the town's Nelson School
(Although Captain Ridley is not listed on this memorial)
3. Border Regiment badge (left) and a Miltary Cross (right)
 Douglas Ridley served in the Border Regiment (1914 - 1920)
He was awarded the Military Cross in January 1917
Captain Douglas Farish Ridley, M.C., M.A. (1893 – 1940): 
On Friday 4 October 1940, Captain Douglas F. Ridley, M.C., M.A., a member of the 6th Essex Battalion of the Home Guard, was accidentally knocked down by a bus while on duty. Two days later, he died in the local hospital where he had been taken.

Later in the week Captain Ridley, who was born at Martindale close to the shore of Ullswater, the second largest lake in English Lakeland, was laid to rest in the local churchyard at Martindale. This is his story.
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Replicating Q's secret WW2 pencil

1. The Cumberland Pencil Museum, Keswick (foreground)
[Behind is the wartime pencil factory building]
2. Telling the story of "Q" (Charles Fraser Smith)
[Display in the pencil museum's gift shop]
3. A replica of Q's WW2 secret 'map and compass' pencil
[A special edition for the 70th anniversary of V.E. Day]
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Sunday, June 07, 2015

“Rest now for we have remembered”

1. Memorial tablet, Normandy Veterans Association
(West Cumbria Branch No. 51)
[St Nicholas’ Church Gardens, Whitehaven, Cumbria]
2. Poppy wreath with a personal dedication
[St Nicholas’ Church Gardens, Whitehaven, Cumbria]
3. Floral tribute in memory of all Normandy Veterans
“In Loving Memory”
4. N.V.A. Memorial (West Cumbria Branch No. 51)
[St Nicholas’ Church Gardens, Whitehaven, Cumbria]
[Dedicated 6 June 2000 and restored November 2015]
(The photographs seen above were taken on 6 June 2015). 
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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Eamont Bridge and Barton War Memorials

1. Eamont Bridge War Memorial, Cumbria
(Located close to "King Arthur's Round Table")
[This is a memorial for the Boer War and WW2
2. Parish Church of St. Michael, Barton, Cumbria
(An historic church dating back to the 12th Century)
3. The lych gate of St. Michael's Parish Church, Barton.
(Unveiled in 1924 to remember the locals who died in WW1)
[There is another WW1 memorial inside the church]
4. Headstone of Flight Sergeant J.E. Williams, R.A.F.
(Died 13 July 1942)
[Buried in the churchyard of St Michael's, Barton]
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Friday, May 08, 2015

Memories of a WW2 evacuee

1. "A suitcase of history"
(A WW2 evacuee's suitcase used to help teach children)
2. Contents of a WW2 evacuee's suitcase
(This one is for a young boy)
3. A WW2 evacuee's birthday card from "Auntie"
4. A familiar friend from home: a dog-eared soft toy 
To mark the 70th anniversary of V.E. Day Cumbria County Libraries service held a 'Social at the Library' event at Kells Branch Library on Thursday 7 May 2015. Among the "hands on" items on display were genuine items of a WW2 evacuee's suitcase and contents (seen above).

This was a young boy's suitcase so included a school cap, photographs and a few toys. Obviously, a young girl evacuated would have different items, such as dolls.

(Thanks to Cumbria Libraries Service for allowing the items to be photographed).

Thursday, May 07, 2015

70th Anniversary of V.E. Day

The Cenotaph, Whitehall, London
(A central focus for the V.E. Day commemorations)
Friday 8 May 2015 is the 70th anniversary of V.E. Day ("Victory in Europe Day"). The anniversary was marked in Britain by 3 days of commemorations. The central focus of the weekend is a service of remembrance at The Cenotaph, Whitehall, London (seen above). This includes a two-minute silence at 3.00 p.m. The victory in Europe was at the cost of many lives. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kirkby Stephen War Memorial, Cumbria

1. Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria:
a traditional market town in a pastoral setting.
2. "Frank's Bridge", Kirkby Stephen: a local beauty spot
3. Kirkby Stephen War Memorial
Located in the town's Market Square:
it lists the names of those killed in both World Wars
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Sunday, April 26, 2015

English Lakeland and a hymn of two Kingdoms

1. Ullswater and the Lakeland fells, Cumbria
(A view from the road near Gowbarrow Park)
2. The War Memorial in the form of a Celtic cross
(All Saints' Churchyard, Watermillock, Cumbria)

[Commemorating the war dead of the two World Wars]
3. The WW1 memorial inside Watermillock Church
4. Memorials to brothers Gerald and Cecil Spring Rice
(Inside Watermillock Parish Church, Cumbria)

Gerald Spring Rice served in the Lonsdale Battalion (WW1)

Cecil Spring Rice was Ambassador to Washington (WW1)
He also also wrote the words of this hymn:
"I vow to Thee My Country"
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Lake District community Remembrance Project

1. Patterdale and Glenridding War Memorial 
(It commemorates the 'Fallen' of two World Wars)
[Located near the lake shore of Ullswater, Cumbria
2. St Patrick's Bay boat landing at Ullswater
(Close to where the war memorial and a holy well is located)
[St Patrick landed and preached near this spot
3. The snow-clad Helvellyn 'massif' from Patterdale village
[The summit, at 950 m / 3,120 ft, is Lakeland's third highest]
4. Glenridding Beck at Rattlebeck Bridge, Glenridding
(Looking towards Sheffield Pike)
[Greenside Road to the lead mine is in the middle distance
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Saturday, April 18, 2015

An inspiration to his platoon: Stephen Scott, M.M.

1. Road sign entering Distington village from the south
[Distington is the home village of Stephen Scott M.M.]
2. Headstone of Guardsman Stephen Scott M.M.
Arezzo War Cemetery, Italy (Grave Ref. I.B.27)
[Photograph courtesy of Damien Wright]
3. Distington village and parish war memorial, Cumbria
Stephen Scott M.M. is listed on this on this memorial
[The flowers at the front take the form '1914 -1918'
4. The M.M. citation for Guardsman Stephen Scott
[From the National Archives file WO 373 / 4]
5. Stephen Scott's photograph in 'The Whitehaven News'
[Thursday 2 March 1944 (Cumbria Archives Office)]
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